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I am an award-winning Producer and Director that specializes in various media outlets such as commercials, branded content and feature films. Some of the brands I have worked with include Tequila Avion, J.W Marriott, and Fiat. I am a firm believer in boundless imagination. I apply that same boundless imagination to everything I do. As a producer it is my job to manage all aspects of the production ensuring it is done on time and under budget. My work has been featured in the Cannes Film Festival, The EMMY’s, the American Advertising Awards and the AICP Awards and the Clio Awards. I have produced both National and Local Commercials. I produced a documentary short that was commissioned by the Institute of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles that featured fine artists, John Baldessari and Lawrence Weiner.


When people ask me what I do, I simply say that I am your voice on the production. I run the business side and some creative elements of the production. I oversee all aspects of production with the director and guide them to our collective vision. I work on concepts and script, hire the crew for production, run the creative team and oversee post-production.         


I grew up watching the films and commercials of Ridley Scott and Gore Verbinski. Some other filmmakers I grew up respecting include Steven Spielberg, Mel Brooks, and George Lucas. 



Whether we laugh, cry or sit in unnerving suspense, stories need to move us. Great visuals need to imbue the story in order to create an emotional through line. There are no limits to imagination and storytelling. 


I once met David Fincher at a Hanukah party when I was twelve. 


I graduated from Hunter College with a BA and an MFA from Art Center College of Design




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